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GPS automobile tracking is the cutting-edge and advanced technology to provide brilliant manipulate over a vehicle, person and precious asset security.
An individual man or woman to high stage corporations in India has more advantages in using this GPS monitoring technology. It helps to forestall us from car thefts, Material loss all through Transportation, Fuel loss and also helps for real time surveillance of the Vehicle. If you are having a transportation business, it can aid you in lowering the operational prices and improves productivity.
We bring a slicing edge science with newfeatures for nice monitoring for the safe newer generation.Our most advanced characteristic is GPS device with digicam which will easily assist us to check and preserve a continuous file of what’s going on interior the vehicle from somewhere anytime.
In kidnapping cases, it is often said that finding the missing baby after 24 hours is often difficult. But our GPS monitoring machine will assist you in tracing the missing human in seconds. According to our survey, extra than 60,000 teens had been kidnapped in 2017 and an monstrous amplify of 30% kidnapping of Children & Women is endured in the modern-day year. As we are into the field of investigation and analysis, we had accessed that each and every two hours a female between the age group 18 – 30 are targeted and kidnapped. The annoying data is that the charge sheets are filed in solely forty percent of the cases. The records shows the apprehension of Child & Women kidnapping amongst people is a burden as the ignored ones are not normally found.
While carrying out our research, the disturbing new style we found is abduction of wealthy businessmen or their family individuals for annoying excessive ransom and even after taking extreme tries of rescuing the kidnapped person, there is likelihood of many being killed through the abductors. Hence, it is advisory to maintain an greater precautionary watch, the usage of the protection measure of our gadget “Human Tracking” as early prevention and precaution.